Moovit Launches 12 Charter Flights

While this mix of cargo wouldn’t be extraordinary for long-haul widebody freighter flights between two major cities, the connection between XIA and HAN illustrates a growing trend in which demand for luxury imports in even secondary cities is sufficient to warrant direct international freighter connections. Earlier this year, Wuhan-based Uni-Top Airlines commenced twice-weekly A300-600F flights between Kunming (KMG) and HAN. YTO Cargo Airlines and SF Airlines are also evaluating new destinations in Central Asia and Southeast Asia from Central Western China as they seek out “Belt and Road” opportunities.

We’re seeing the industry change from a settlement service into a data intelligence service. Customers are more sophisticated and want to leverage the data obtained during the freight audit process to gain insight into their transportation spending and effectiveness, and make better strategic decisions.

Shannon Vaillancourt, president of RateLinx, a provider of intelligent freight audit and payment solution

After Moovit Launches 12 Charter Flights wee need more give attention to FBAP. Many FBAP providers today offer products and services that go beyond traditional freight audit and payment offerings. These often include transportation management solutions and analytical tools that allow customers to better manage their global supply chains. At the same time, expectations for more timely reporting continue to rise.

The growth of e-commerce also is changing the FBAP industry. With more consumers buying online, a growing portion of shipments are small parcels. “The increase in small parcel and package shipments creates a substantial amount of data, which must be captured for reporting and mining,” says Allan Miner, president of CT Logistics, a provider of FBAP services. “Final-mile costs and details add significant data and information for reporting and measuring carrier performance.” Freight bill audit and payment service providers can capture and leverage this information.


  1. Layering security methods multiplies effectiveness. You can do this by combining different tools, such as using both security seals and tamper-evident tape. It also can mean providing security at multiple points. For air cargo, this could mean securing the aircraft door, the cargo container, and the individual units separately for better combined results.

    1. To increase the number of aircraft available, the company has set up the ‘It preferred operator partner network’. A section on the company’s website encourages operators to sign up to the program, saying that being part of it will help operators increase their revenues and help with fleet optimization.

  2. Cargo theft is becoming extremely advanced and complex. People will go as far as setting up false shipment records or infiltrating shipment plans early in the process. Using barcode tracking and digital records makes it more difficult to falsify records or steal information.

    1. Some people may give you flack for asking the question, but if you’ve got disposable dollars to spend on air travel, it’s worth considering. Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, a chartered jet allows you to maximize your time at your destination and minimize the number of hours you spend traveling.

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